Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ssssshhhhh! - Secret Squirrel!.........

(Does anyone out there remember that show??? What a classic!)
Anyway, as I dawdle my way to the point of this post......this past weekend, we went off camping for four days to a little place called 1770. It was absolutely beautiful and not only could we hardly bear to leave, we are all counting the sleeps until we can go again.
Now the reason I'm telling you about this, is that if you want to get away, it's a really beautiful spot - but you have to keep it to yourself OK. (It's OK for you to know because I like to share good things with people I know and love). I mean, I realise that there is only about five people in the world who actually read this blog (make it six - Hi Jordan - kiss Mummy for me OK!!!), and I also realise that people don't actually pay a lot of attention to what I say, so this blog isn't going to start a stampede to 1770 - but the less people that know about the place, the better. It is truly one of those unspoilt, pieces of paradise!
Close by is the town of Agnes Waters, which is also beautiful but has an air of groovy, beach town about it - you know, with the surfie outlets and stuff - but 1770 is a tiny bush/beach village that is only now just beginning to be developed. It has a small cafe, a pub (what town would be complete without one?), a camp ground, a playground and BBQ area and a few houses dotted around. There is also a marina where you can catch a boat out to Fitzroy Island, The Great Barrier Reef etc.
The camp site is right on the water (tidal river - so not too deep, no waves, and when the tide goes out there is a plethora of soldier crabs - heaps of fun to chase around) and lots of lovely shade trees.
It is also steeped in history with the whole Captain Cook discovery thing - very educational!
(We didn't just relax you know!!)
And of course, it is absolutely essential, at the end of the day, to drag yourself, your comfy beach chair, and your cold beer down to the beach to watch the sun set. (I know, I know - I really struggled with that one!!)

We had a great, great time - just hanging together and being a family.
No demands on anyone's time except whether we should have another swim, or go kayaking up the river again.
But keep it to yourself OK. And if you do decide to go up and check it out for yourself - take me with you!!!!


jenb said...

Helen it looks beautiful. Definitely a must see some time, when i can convince mark to come camping that is. Talk to you soon.

Jordan said...

make it 7 people Helen. "Mummy " reads it too!. 1770 looks beautiful, nice photos.
Kay xox