Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You have to laugh.......

I have been meaning to write down all the funny little things that the kids have said over the years, and being such a good mother(?!), I have forgotten most of them. But here's a couple of Harri and Ellie classics they've come up with recently......

Sitting on the verandah after breakfast one morning, running my hands through my hair, (as you do, when nobody else will) I got my fingers tangled in a knot and pulled out a few hairs. Shaking them off my fingers and letting them go into the wind, I said (to no-one in particular), "hmm, I wonder where they will land?" Quick as, Harri says "at the hairport" and then fell about laughing.

I had given Harri the hose to water my pot plants one afternoon, and wandered off to do some other gardening job. When I came back to Harri, he had the hose on the driveway and was on his hands and knees giggling. "Whatcha up to fella?" I asked, thinking should I even be asking this, or should I just walk away? It appeared Harri had found himself a little snail and was washing him down the driveway. "I'm just helping him snail away Mum," he said with a twinkle and a giggle.

After having had a bit of a wrestle and a giggle with Ellie on the floor, I got up and watched as Ellie struggled to her feet still giggling. "I can't manage," she puffed and giggled, "what with all this ridiculousness...."


Saminda said...

Yep, they sure do keep us laughing!! That Harri of yours is seriously funny. And clever! :)

Nev said...

Truly funny kids, from one beautiful wife!!

Saminda said...

Oh, hey there Nev! So nice to see a hubby leaving a comment. :) Nice photo, too!
Just wanted to say "right back at you, amazing Mummy!" to you Helen. Hope you're enjoying your Mother's Day and I'll talk to you soon. :)
Love you,
Min. xoxoxo
P.S. Only 3 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!