Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today, after finishing our schoolwork, we decided to have a quiet day. "So, what shall we do guys," I asked slightly hesitantly (answers could have been anything from - going to the beach, shopping (yuk), watching a video, play a game, building stuff out of Lego, dolls, horses etc etc. none of which I really wanted to do - still whacked after camping for four days -tomorrow's post).

"I know," says Harri, "let's get mucky and do playdoh". Well, yeah. Lets!!!! I love playdoh!! It is therapy in a little coloured ball. You kind of just get your fingers stuck into it and forget about everything else and start creating.

A friend of mine Cathy, made our little playgroup some "secret playdoh" where blobs of uncoloured playdoh are put out on the table with a tiny drop of food colouring concealed in the middle. The children didn't know what color it would be until they started kneading - and I decided to do this for Ellie and Harri. I went scurrying through the pantry looking for all our food colours, and this is what we came up with. Dontcha just love it!!!!

Well, after a good "therapy" session, I feel I can now go on with my life. If only everything could be as simple and as fun as a batch of home made playdoh!!!

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Jordan said...

Hi, remember me? I'm Jordan Haase who onece lived in Hervey Bay? Well, I like reading your blog at looking at pictures of Ellie who was so little when I last saw her and loved to play her her woody doll.