Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A letter for the people of Denmark.......

So this week we are off to Denmark! Why Denmark I hear you ask. Well, Harri was allowed to pick the first country and he randomly placed his finger on the map, and came up with Denmark. So here we are. So far we have looked at the capital city (Copenhagen), the flag (red and white cross), the population (5, 500, 501), national dress (gorgeous handmade cotton dresses with petticoats for the girls and hilarious knickerbocker and long socks for the boys).

We have made Danish chocolate cookies (why, oh why, can I not make biscuits - they all end up flat and looking like those fake vomits at the joke shop) and looked at some of their main tourist attractions - Tivoli Gardens (beautiful, old, flowery amusement park) Legoland (Harri very impressed!!!) and the Little Mermaid statue (small but cute).

Tomorrow we will look at the land, industry, religions and people and on Thursday when we go to the library, we shall look for a book on Denmark with (hopefully) lots of photos. We also know how to say (but cannot pronounce) hello and goodbye in Danish - there are lots of these little O's with a diagonal line through it in Danish!

Anyway, the reason for this post is this: -

How gorgeous is that!!!!!! Not sure who she is actually going to send it to, but what the heck, we'll just address it to a 7 year old girl in Denmark and see what happens. You gotta love kids don't you.


Theresa said...

Hey Harri, I am up for visiting Legoland with you!
Have fun in Denmark:-)

Copland said...

Don't forget about Princess Mary, Tasmainia's answer to Princess Di!

Jordan said...

Take lots of pictures!
Jordan (Haase)