Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exotic Oxlade exploits

So holidays are over and it's back to school time again. We are all a little bit excited by this in our house! We are trying out a new subject this term. Something other than our safe, already mapped out, organised by somebody else, set out in books, can't go wrong, type of curriculum. Yep, we are stepping over the edge into the great unknown, and we can't wait!!!

I realised recently, that although I have a huge desire to see everything and go everywhere, I don't actually know where any of these places might be, especially in regard to finding it on a map. I know, I know - I studied geography at school just like everybody else, but obviously my mind was somewhere else during those classes (now that I think about it, my best friend in high school - Michael - and I used to sit across the room from each other and squash M&M's onto our teeth and then smile at each other and the first one to laugh was the loser - or something like that!!!). Anyway, so basically I suck at finding countries of the world and wouldn't have the first clue about what their flag looks like, or what their national dress, language, main industry is etc. so we are going to find out!!!

We bought ourselves a map of the world and some map pins, and each week we will look at a new country (it should only take about 5/6 years) - draw their flag, look at their cuisine (maybe even experiment with an exotic meal), check out their industry and the population and maybe even see if we can learn to say hello or something else just as original in that country's language. And then at the end of the year we will take an around the world field trip and visit all these countries.........yeah, I wish!!!!!!


Saminda said...

Hooray! Sounds absolutely fabulous. And about time too, my dear Helen! Just think, by the time we get to go traveling, how great your geography will be!! You'll actually know where we're going.... which is always a good thing! So where to first? Ireland, Greece or Switzerland?

Copland said...

Of course, you do understand that with all this virtual traveling you will only come to realise one thing... that you already live in one of the best places in the world!

Its cool that you're getting into the whole home schooling thing Oxlades, and so what if you kids won't be able to read or count... at least they can spend all day in their pjs! Ha ha ha!

Prousycl - (proo-si-kl), noun. An ice block made from concentrated prune juice. Warning: may have a laxative effect.

Theresa said...

Wow Helen, where do I sign up for such a class? Maybe you can blog about the places you and the children visit.

I once did a round the world trip in Children's ministry and we made a passport and got it stamped, talked about the country, sampled the food and we were lucky enough to have had people in the church at the time who had been missionaries at some of the countries we visited. We had a blast!

Have fun!

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