Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Candy is the new black.....

My 13 year old is the self-appointed official of all fashion that leaves our house. If your chosen outfit doesn't pass her stringent testing, you will not leave the front door, let alone appear in the public eye.

Admittedly, I may need a little help in this department - I have no clue about fashion, and hold strictly to the theory that if it's clean and comfortable - wear it.

The greatest lengths I used to go to, and only for a very special occasion, was to actually iron the thing I was wearing - before I put it on, obviously. (I had a friend who once tried it the other way around and bore an "iron shaped" burn mark on her arm for a month.)

My personal grooming habits have changed much over the years. I realised that when I hit 40, I should probably make a bit more of an effort and put at least some thought into what I will be wearing and whether or not it is a suitable outfit for where/what I will be attending during the day.

As I am a total home body - flannelette pyjamas seem to cover most of these categories. Just kidding. Maybe.

To cut a long story short, my daughter has (after a long and tedious journey) got me to the point of looking through clothing catalogues with something akin to excitement. I'll admit to the fact that I do love shoes, and have a certain affinity with all canvas sneakers. Love them. Want a pair in every colour and pattern.

The Kmart catalogue featured kids hi-top canvas runners in an assortment of gorgeous colours and designs, and as I cannot wear them myself (dammit, why are my feet bigger than children's sizes!!!!) then the kids must have a pair!

Harri's choice is easy. "The blue ones with the bike on them, Mum".

Ellie's choice, not so much.

(Agonisingly) "Ooooh I don't know Mum. The sprinkles or the daisies? Well, either pair will go with my clothes, I guess. The daisies are pretty, but I like the sprinkles too. Hmmm, which ones, which ones? "

And the deciding factor....

"Well, I do like a bit of candy in my outfit"

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