Thursday, March 17, 2011

To be continued......

My blog has been a constant source of annoyance recently.

Every time I looked at it, I was thoroughly unimpressed with what I had written, and my mind became a total blank when I looked at it. This in turn stopped me from writing something new - leaving the old post on the page, which in turn annoyed me with it's uninspired content, prompting me to try and write something (anything!!) My mind refused to co-operate, completely annoying me yet again, and on and on it went........

It's not like I've got nothing to write about.

In fact, the opposite is true.

There has been quite a lot going on, but for various reasons I haven't been able to write about it.

Until today anyway.

But how to begin.........

For a while now, Nev and I have dreamed about one day owning our own business and working together.

Just what that business would look like and what it entailed, we never really sorted out - we had a few rough ideas (a furniture moving business called "We'll pack and stack your crap" was a favourite for a while)but you need to stake the future of your family on a bit more than that.

With our move to a new state, Nev staying at home, me working and the kiddlies going to school - completely turning our lives upside down and inside out - we decided to put a bit of effort into things and come up with a bit more of a conclusive plan.

We heard about NEIS  - New Enterprise Incentive Scheme - which offered financial support for the first 12 months to a new business idea that passed their inspection - and decided that it sounded like a golden opportunity.

We contacted NEIS and Nev met with them and explained our idea. They gave us all the application forms and we proceeded to carry out the extensive paperwork - we had to conduct various consumer surveys in the area to guage people's reaction etc - we mailed it off, prayed and waited.

I'm not very good at waiting.

And as it turns out - neither is Nev when it comes to matters of this enormity and importance.

We both felt restless - wanting to do more but not knowing what "more" we could actually do, bagging our own ideas as ridiculous, second guessing ourselves etc (and writing really crappy blog posts) but somehow also knowing we had done our best and that it was now out of our hands.

We had to let go of it, and give it to God.

And......tomorrow morning at 10am, Nev signs the papers that will put:

in the yellow pages.



naughtynanna said...

double woohoo sooo happy, excited, proud etc etc xxxxx

Kay said...

Yay, guys, that's way cool! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

jenb said...

wow, awesome guys. Wish we could use ur ervices.

jenb said...

i mean 'services'

Helen said...

Thanks guys!!

NN - you know you're my biggest fan hahahahahaha

Kay - I must sit down and write another post explaining it all!

Thanks Jen - me too (big time)!!!

Theresa said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!

Next the website with gorgeous pic of Leah! Oh and I suppose Nathaniel and Isaac and not forgetting Ellie and Harri:P

From the kitchens of friends said...

You guys are so creative - congrats from Cathy! Big hugs!