Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Am Woman - hear me go slightly mad....

I have joined the thousands of other working Mums, who miss their husbands, children and their home in order to put a meal on the table.

My admiration for these women has risen dramatically - especially for those who seem to balance it all and still keep their sanity intact.

Mine, I have to admit, has gone right out the window.

It up and made an escape - using just old sheets tied together - one night while I was sleeping.

No note, no forwarding address. Just gone.

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Queen of the Natives said...

are you trying to say you had some? I can see the image of sanity making a run for it, kinda with an over the shoulder curse and an 'I'm outta here' exclamation. Be kind to yourself babe and remember no-one can do it all! (that's not a challenge :P)and get Nev massaging your poor tired tootsies too :)