Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blatant advertising.........

So a little bit of explanation is necessary.

I didn't get around to it last post as I was too excited to let mere details get in the way of a good celebration.

"Youstudio" will be an eclectic bunching together of all things photographic.

The basis of a lifetime opportunity for Nev to immerse himself in his passion (which hopefully one day will include overseas travel and a book).

But to start with, we will be a hire studio.

OK - so you've got a growing family and you'd like to capture it on film. The sweet moments you can share, the way your children look right now, something to treasure and remember.

We all want to do this. In fact, we'd probably like to do it often. But there's quite a few reasons we don't.

The first being that photographers are expensive, and to be honest it can be a bit difficult getting natural results when you're posing for someone you don't know.

Alternative to this is doing them yourself, but maybe you don't have the equipment and you want something a little bit different, and a professional result at the end.

So that's where we come in. We pop over to your house, or a setting that you like with a couple of props and things, set everything up, hand the reins (or at least the remote shutter control) over to you, you pose, dress up, climb on top of, over and under some of the props and take as many photos as you like.

Hence the name "Youstudio" - studio quality, but you do it yourself.

When you're finished, we come and pick it all up, put the photos onto a screen and go through them with you, suggesting tweaks to the prints as we go along, and then turn it all into a photo book, a special shot into an enlargement or a canvas - the whole kit and caboodle.

A fun family photo shoot for a fraction of the cost and memories to treasure forever!!

Awesome eh!!!

I mean that's it in it's most basic form - I could rave on a lot longer but I just wanted to get a little bit of it out there at this beginning stage.

Currently Nev is undertaking an eight week Business Management course through NEIS (saved us about $2500) and writing a conclusive business plan. He is also building some of the props we will be able offer as part of the package.

Then we'll gather my family and friends together and do a whole lot of promotional photos and begin our marketing campaign.

So -  exciting yes. Short term, no.

Step, by step.

Trusting God.

And having a ball along the way.


Jordan said...

that actually sounds very cool :) how long do you think the whole thing will take to get up and running?
and your comment on the mouse disturbed me. I did not sleep that night.

jenb said...

Wow Helen, brilliant concept. Love it and soooooo wish we were closer, but then we will visit one day... Love you heaps and miss you more.

From the kitchens of friends said...

That's so cool!!! Like Jen, I wish we were closer. I'm so glad things are coming together-here's to your first customer!!