Saturday, October 30, 2010

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Toto......

Tentatively, delicately. A grimace plastered to my face.

(I tried really hard to smile - but I KNEW what was coming)

"Yay Mummy - go Mummy - you can do it" came the cheers from the safety of the sand.

Sucking in my breath, because I knew in a minute it was going to be knocked right out of me.....

I did it.

I stuck my toe in the water.

Just to see. Check if my guess was correct.

Yep. Freezing.

(Who are these South Australians trying to kid?)

Coming from tropical QLD, I KNOW what swimming at the beach is supposed to be like, and it doesn't resemble this breath-taking moment even slightly.

But having said that (or whinged that),  just check out this scenery...................

Now that's breathtaking!!!


Queen of the Natives said...

Yay!!!! yayayayayayayayayay!!!!! I'm so so glad to see you back online :D Hooray I'm so pleased. And btw, absolutely on the freezing part. I'm still not entirely keen to get in and I'm still up here :S Please post loads and loads of pics. I have missed your blog so much Helen. Much, much love to you and yours.

JM xo

Theresa said...

Does this means you are back in the land of blogging? Glad to see you are back.

And yeah.. what the heck, you can't go swimming yet, the water is freezing:)