Monday, November 1, 2010

There ain't no festival in this state........

For the princely sum of $542.00, I was allowed the privilege of removing the last little bit of QLD from our lives.

Yesterday we went off to the South Australian Government Service Centre (woohoo - what a great day out!!!) where we exchanged our Sunshine State licences and licence plates for new SA ones.

My old QLD licence - although a very strange, alien yellow colour - showed a much younger version of myself (I think the photo was taken about 8 years ago) that had good hair and an attempt at make-up.

That licence was a bit like a pair of comfy shoes.

I took it for granted, didn't bother looking at it, just carried it around in my wallet, confident that if I ever did need to show my licence, it would all be OK because, after all - I didn't look too bad in the photo.

But aghast South Australia!!! With fear and trepidation do I await the post that will bring this licence to my mailbox.

Something must have slipped in my brain - the part where I was supposed to remember to do something with my hair etc before the photo was taken - and I shall be forever captured (well, for the next two years) with my great new look happenin'.

The "I've just finished work and am completely exhausted" droopy face and no-fuss ponytail.

Not to mention that I've just lined up for 45 minutes behind some very smelly, noisy, toothless people (???), filled out six pages of totally unrelated questions (in triplicate) and have just realised that I need to pee but if I leave now I'll have to line up again for another 45 minutes.....


My Dad has a theory about drivers' licence photos.

He tells me the picture has to be bad so that when you're grossly dead by the side of the road - they should be able to recognise you!!!!

It's a theory that I shall embrace wholeheartedly!  


naughtynanna said...


Theresa said...

I hear you girlfriend...just got rid of my last bit of Qlder and yeah my new SA licence is not that flattering at all.
However at our transport dept we have a number system and I got to sit down on some comfy chairs and watch daytime tv for my 45mins:) LOL

Queen of the Natives said...

it's not at all funny how we use to have time to fuss and prepare and worry about things like how the license will look but now! Phwtt! Who gives a rats. Get in, get out and continue on with real life :P One day we'll have time but we'll be wishing again for our once, when we didn't and were to busy too care. (have I mentioned lately how glad I am to see you online again :D, yeh, expect to hear that again and again and again... well, you get the idea ;)