Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guilty, as charged......

I am a passionate person. And also naive and gullible.

I am quick to make judgements, but just as quick to admit my mistakes and try to fix them.

Thanks to Jane, who is a much more diligent person than I, and one who researches things thoroughly, I will now put a link up in regards to my last rant.


Thanks Jane.

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Queen of the Natives said...

Dearest Helen, I love who you are and the rest of the b/s about me is, well, b/s. I'm the most fallible, mistake making human being on the planet and the only reason I knew to check was because i have made loads of mistakes, so many to suspect that something may not be quite right. So from one judgmental but integrity riddled body to another, Much love, JM xo oh, and about time I get to see you online again too. I have missed your humanity, hilarity and humility.