Monday, January 4, 2010

Got myself a couple of Chefs......

My headspace is starting to get ready for homeschooling again this year.

All our curriculum has arrived (just needs to be covered in contact - an area that I am not particularly gifted in!!) and I have to say that we are all a little bit excited.

I can't wait to start. It will all be so much more exciting than last year, so much more hands on and activity based. So much more reading and preparation for me!

So while I read and get together all the stuff that we will need for at least this first term, and make lists, and ponder, and make another list etc, the kids have been busy with their own stuff.

This is a list Ellie made the other day.....

I believe she acheived all the things on her list (which is a lot more than I can say about any of mine!!)

We have all been having a ball in the beautiful rain......

And even found time to do a bit more of this...

And after a good long therapy session with my husband over my most recent issue of being a control freak, we have put into place a few things which should help me to let go of some stuff.

One of the main areas, was for me to let the kids help more about the house. I am still making their beds for them and generally cleaning up after them every day ( I love neat, I can think when things are neat. I get a bit flustered when they aren't) And quite frankly, it is often easier to do these things myself.

But the fact of the matter is that I am not helping them to become the independent people that they need to learn to be - I am not teaching them about the reality of life and I am taking the easy way out for myself.

(Sigh - self knowledge sure isn't easy!)

So Nev and I put together some lists of things for the children to take care of, and I am not allowed to nag them to do it, or am I allowed to redo anything after they have done it. They need to learn their place in the family and to grasp the fact that they need to do their fair share. And I need to let them do it, and even handle it when things aren't necessarily how I would like them.

So last night, they cooked tea. They made Muffy's special sausage rolls and they did a really great job. I was very proud of them. And they enjoyed being left to make a mess and were very proud of the end result.

And I was proud of me. I didn't jump in and take over. I celebrated this fact with a glass of wine on the verandah while dinner cooked in the oven.

This could turn out to be a really great thing!


Jordan said...

Hmmm, you're an easy mother. My mother wouldn't leave me alone in the kitchen for a minute. :) Well, apart from Chocolate Chip Cookies. Nothing much can go wrong with them.
Ellie's list look's fun. Taking advantage of holidays, eh? Rollercoasters and cake!

Karen said...

I'm proud of you Helen! Its not easy for you to let go, but you are a great mother. Imagine what this will do for their self esteem! Inspiring stuff woman. Catch up with you on Saturday morning (or what I have come to know as judgement day)

Tamra said...

don't have any other contact details for you so am using your blog to invite Harri and Ellie to VBS next week at our church. Monday to Friday, 9a to noon, FREE =)

I do have the girls do chores in the house but haven't let them do anything in the kitchen so far. I really should get them going in there. Good job Harri and Ellie.

"sworings"-- a collective noun for all those things you swore you would get done. =)

naughtynanna said...

and really, a glass of wine on the verandah and then a dinner that you didn't have to prepare (even sausage rolls) - not too shabby at all!!

Saminda said...

You go girl, let those little people work for you - you are the Queen of your home!! :) xo

And yes to coffee... anytime next week will be fine, let me know. :)

Kaylene said...

Please ignore comments made by my child on your blog. :-)
I do let her in the kitchen...she has made many things including Butter Chicken. BUT, it has been an ongoing challenge for me to let them do this. As they get older you realise the MANY benefits of them cooking and not YOU! Well Done Helen.