Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Rice and Free Education.....

I did not know this horrific fact:  somewhere in the world, every six seconds a child dies from hunger related causes.

I also did not know that passepied is a triple-time dance, or that clinquant means glittering and an alforja is a saddlebag. I also certainly did not know that Victoria is the capital of Seychelles (not to mention where Seychelles is on the map!)

But I am learning these things and so are the children. Thanks to Mary of Resident Alien who introduced us to the world of http://www.freerice.com/ we are having so much fun. And helping to end world hunger - it doesn't get much better than that.

Free Rice is sponsored by the World Food Programme, Citi Foundation and various other sponsors and has been running since 2007 when John Breen donated it to United Nations. The whole idea behind it is to get people fed and educated all over the world.

While you play, a sponsor banner bar appears at the bottom of the screen and the money generated from this, buys the rice and sends it to wherever needs it. The more people play, the more rice gets sent out and the more we get to learn and have fun.

The children and I will be using it mostly for Geography. A country appears on the screen with a multi-choice answer. The kids took a good long look at the country, noting it's shape and where it is in relation to other shapes etc and then rush over to our big world map and see if they can find it.

When they get the answer right they both get very excited.

"Yeah, we're feeding the world Mum", yells Ellie, fist in the air.

If you've got a few spare minutes, check it out.


Library girl said...

That is an awesome web site and a great demonstration to kids of how simple it can be to help out just a little :) I featured it once in our council newsletter when I was head librarian and had a handful of people playing on it within hours :) (A change from Solitaire!)
Thanks for your kind wishes re my Dad.

Mary Witzl said...

This is GREAT! I feel so smug, having passed this on. Good for you, doing this, Helen.