Sunday, December 27, 2009

The public shame of David Attenborough........

I wasn't at the scene of this particular story,  but it's a story that definitely needs telling.

Nev took the kids to Maccas for an ice cream last night, and when he got home he was still laughing about what happened........

In every Maccas store these days, there is a giant screen TV mounted on the wall. So big you can't help but watch it.

Last night the program "David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood" was showing.  Harri loves these shows -and although he couldn't actually hear what was going on,  he sat riveted watching various scenes of turtles doing what they do.

At one particular point, a fire swept through the turtles' habitat and a later scene showed David standing behind  a still-smouldering log saying something useful with much waving of hands etc. (remember nobody could hear what was being said).

In the foreground of this shot, a turtle wandered across the blackened earth, probably looking for food etc. and David continued to talk in the background, showing no particular concern for the said turtle.

Under his breath, Harri began to mutter something.

Nev, not quite catching what Harri had said, spun around to look at the TV to get the gist of what Harri was watching.

Harri, who was by now far more animated and with a look of desperate urgency on his face, was waving his hand and pointing at the TV.

"Dude, help the turtle. Dude, I said help the turtle. Dude!!"


Library girl said...

Haha - awesome!!

Tamra said...


p.s. my word verification is "belly" HAHA!! no explanation needed. =)

naughtynanna said...

'Harrison Oxlade - saviour of the small and helpless' I'd watch that show!!

Mary Witzl said...

My kids do this too and I love it. A stray turtle in danger would always interest them more than whatever David Attenborough was saying.

We have raised them well!