Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas past......

Well, Christmas is over for another year.

In some ways it seems quite perverse - all the preparation and thought goes on prior to it for months, and then "one sleep" and it's all over.

As I walked the dog on Boxing Day morning, I noticed that the Christmas decorations in shop windows seemed out of date already somehow. As the Bearded Rambler mentioned - life is so fleeting!!!

Still, what a wonderful day we had.

Ellie and Harri roused us abhorrently early, and Nev and I consumed far more than our usual cups of tea, just to get through to lunchtime.

Because so many of our presents come from down south, we stagger the gift opening, ringing each giver in between the next lot of presents (did that make any sense??) Well it seems to work - the kids tend to take a little bit longer checking out their presents,  and they actually know who they are thanking for what present etc.

We seemed to have a bit of a theme this year - puzzles - which was brilliant as we all love them!

I asked my Mum and Dad for a world map jigsaw for our Geography studies (I am so globally challenged!!!) and they somehow found the biggest puzzle ever made! 6ft x 4ft, 60 thick foam pieces with all the countries, flags, people, animals, details etc. It is absolutely awesome!!  (photos to come Mum!)

I also found a couple of 3D puzzles for the children while I was in Adelaide (oh how I love the variety of big city shopping!!) and these had us all very quiet yesterday afternoon. It was a little bit tricky folding some of the pieces into the right shapes and then slotting them into the right slots etc. but the end result was brilliant!!

This is supposed to be the castle in the story of Cinderella. The description on the box made me fall about laughing for most of the day......

"Cinderella is the protagonist of the tale, who suffered humiliation from her stepmother and two elder sisters. But she bear it quietly and finally acquire the happiness"

Harri's puzzle was supposed to be Puss in Boots but to me it looked just like a scarey castle - perfect for Harri!

Is there a scarey castle in Puss in Boots? Actually I haven't the foggiest what the Puss in Boots story is all about. Other than a Puss in Boots. Obviously. Heh.

We spent Christmas afternoon, playing games and hanging out with our friends who came for a very relaxed dinner (and wine) on the verandah. The kids all went to bed exhausted, slept well and were ready for an early swim at the beach the next morning.

Wonderful! And over way too quickly......


Copland said...

The bearded rambler... is that any way to talk about your husband!!

*Feagonse - a French word for a male goose, as in... "For Christmas dinner they had feagonse with a red wine glaze and truffle cream".

Mary Witzl said...

If you're globally (or geographically) challenged, try Free Rice! You can donate food to charity while learning all the countries of the world. My daughters and I have nailed Asia and Africa after months of practice. And we've donated God-knows-how-much free rice and had a real blast. (We're all nerds here. That really helps.)

I know which bearded rambler you're referring to!