Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Homecoming (and going)......

Running at me, arms open wide, squealing. Bowled over by such enthusiasm from the kids. And Nev wasn't that far behind them (though he didn't squeal!!).

This was my welcome home at the airport yesterday. Everyone around us, either burst out laughing or smiled knowingly to themselves.

It was so good to see them! Looking at their faces, trying to listen to them all talking at once - I knew just how blessed I am to have them - to be wife and mother, friend and lover - all rolled into one.

How refreshing, after being away from them and devoid of all responsibility, to return knowing that  right here, in the midst of my family is where I truly want to be. Surrounded by them, clambered all over by them.

But oh wow, did I have a great time away!!!!

I drank far too many glasses of wine, ate way too much, shopped a little bit too much and indulged all sorts of long neglected whims - going to the movies at a Gold Class cinema, long drawn out breakfasts, turkish dips, etc.

But by far the highlight was just spending time with my sister and my Mum and Dad. It has been far too long since I've just hung out with my sister - which is so sad because for years and years, she was my best friend.

We lived through our childhood together, and went through so much in our later teen years, and that bond is one that will never be broken. I am reminded of this every time I tell Ellie and Harri "you two will always be friends if you look after each other now".

And Sarah and I having dinner with Mum and Dad, just the four of us.

I worked it out. It's been over 20 years since we sat down to a meal like that. It felt great. Like coming home.

And today, it's been back to normal. Walking the dog who was fairly well neglected while I was away, 14 loads of washing, breakfast, lunch and dinner to think about, children to play with and read to, etc etc.

It's good to be back.........


Saminda said...

Hooray!!! What a fabulous post and I'm SO HAPPY to hear you had such a wonderful time my friend!! :) We all need these little breaks from time to time. But then, there's no place like home, right?

Look forward to catching up SOON! xo

Library girl said...

Isn't it funny what we find when we're not looking? I'm just up the road at Yeppoon and I have just come back from 3 weeks being 'just a daughter' (although under sadder circumstances, but no less happy memories). I have 3 kids, all teens now and one gone from the nest, but when we lived remote in WA I often thought of homeschooling ... but didn't have the intestinal fortitude :) Good on you!!