Monday, December 7, 2009

Special terms and conditions (or what the?.....)

There are some things in this life that are so ridiculous you find yourself asking the age-old question "What the...".

I mean just for example, the bath towels that I hung out the other day. The bath towels themselves aren't ridiculous (well - the pale orange colour is), more so the label attached to them. (Who in their right mind reads towel labels?)

It said " Do not boil".

Damn - and I was just about to do that????

Anyway, the towels aren't really the main focus of this post (somehow I have a memory for the ridiculous...)

Today, a very grateful lady bought Nev a scratchie ticket. It was a "Set For Life" ticket which means you get $250, 000 a year for four years if you scratch off three consecutive numbers/symbols/dollar amounts.

Having never bought a scratchie ticket in our lives, we did get a little bit excited about the prospect of maybe, possibly, perhaps winning something.

We didn't.

But the laugh I got out of the *special terms and conditions* on the back of the ticket, was priceless.

*Some or all prizes may have been won prior to the purchase of this ticket.

As I was saying - "What the......"

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Library girl said...

Haha :) Oh yes, sometimes the fine print does make for head scratching! My favourite is on the pack of peanuts that says "Warning: may contain peanuts". Thanks for checking out my blog!