Friday, January 9, 2009

We are entirely too cool.......

There is one little story from our holiday that really is worth mentioning. Nev and I have often joked that we would like to be so cool about flying somewhere that we would still be in the departure lounge (drinking our Gloria Jean coffee and reading trashy magazines) when the voice on the loudspeaker calls "will Neville and Helen Oxlade please get on the plane".
It seems to us that the ultimate in casualness would be to NOT be in a hurry to get on a plane. A plane going somewhere. And possibly somewhere exotic. I think we admire this casualness because we are both basically neurotic and painfully punctual. For instance our flight to Adelaide left Brisbane at 11:05am and we arrived at the airport at 8:55am. For some insane reason we thought the trip to Brisbane would take us 4 hours (what the...) and so we were up, ready to leave the house at 6am.
Smugly checking in our luggage (before anybody else had even arrived at the airport for this particular flight) we aimlessly wandered around taking in the sights of the airport. The voyeur in me loves airports - so many people to watch!!
We had asked friends of ours to meet us at the airport - we were giving our little car to them - and they met us at the Gloria Jean coffee stand. We hadn't seen these friends for quite some time so we were instantly in deep conversation. What I thought was about half an hour later, I thought I should probably go to the loo one last time before getting organised to get on the plane. When I came out of the loo, everyone was gone. I looked up and down and finally caught a glimpse of Sue who was waving frantically at me. I raced off after her thinking all sorts of terrifying scenarios (one of the children being kidnapped etc) and when I breathlessly reached her she said, "they've been paging you for the last ten minutes girl - get going".
I ran giggling all the way down to the gate where Nev and the children and what seemed like the entire Jetstar staff were waiting. We boarded the plane amidst accusing stares, sat in our seats and Nev winked at me and said, "you're so cool babe" and then fell about laughing.

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