Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some holiday photos.....(sorry, only two.Blogger didn't want to upload any more for some reason!)

Inside the horse drawn carriage which goes across from Victor Harbour to Granite Island (Copland wrote about this earlier and I thought it sounded great - it was!!) The kids went up the front to talk to the driver and there was an awful lot of giggling going on. Later when I asked them what the driver had said to make them giggle, Harri burst out laughing again and said "oh mummy, she said the horse wears a nappy to catch all it's poo". Lovely! Cultural learning opportunity gone completely to pot!

On the steps of National Trust home Glenbar - my Mum takes small tours through here. Fascinating old home built in 1876 - used as Christian camp and in serious need of full time caretaker etc. Slowly falling down due to lack of funds. Very sad.

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Theresa said...

See we know all the hot spots to visit in Adelaide... we will have to make sure that we save some sightseeing until the foxy oxy's are dwelling amongst us.

It was so good to see you guys, Thanks for visiting us. We throw another snag on the barbie once you return.