Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abundant love........

OK. So seeing as blogger is going to be difficult, I'll just go with writing about what God has been doing for us lately.
About three weeks ago, Nev finished up at his job. When he arrived home, I had a cuppa waiting and sent the kids off with something exciting to do so that Nev and I could have a bit of time for a chat. We were excited about what lay ahead and talked about being in a place where we didn't know what would happen next, but were trusting God with it all. (Nev has often said that once you reach that place with God, that's the time that he rubs his hands together and says "right, now I can really do something with you".)

That night after we put the kids to bed, I checked our emails and there was one there from a friend offering Nev the position of General Manager at her Camera House store (Nev worked there previously). Well needless to say this completely threw us for a loop. Why now God? Just when we felt quite settled and content with what we had planned - taking off into the wild unknown.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, and after actually refusing the position once (a six day work week - wouldn't have fitted into our family goals - now Nev is able to draw up a roster that suits him!!!!!), we are staying here in Hervey Bay (where we lived previously and where both children were born) instead of heading south.

I am so excited for Nev - he is finally getting something that he deserves. He has always been the one putting up with all the rubbish, gritting his teeth and persevering long past the point where many others would snap. And now here he is in a position to call the shots - and he will be such a wonderful boss. (Slightly biased opinion).

So even though it is a complete turn around from what we had planned, God"s hand is on it all. I am weeping as I type this as through all of these weeks of indecision, God has been there just waiting to pour out His love on us. Somebody told me once that God doesn't just give to those He loves, but He gives abundantly. Thankyou Lord for your abundant love to us. We don't deserve it, but we will gratefully accept it. Help us to love and give just as abundantly.

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Copland said...

That's great news Oxlades!!

I'm sure it'll all be great, and you're right Helen, Nev deserves some good 'karma' to come his way, work-wise.

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