Monday, January 12, 2009

And now........some holiday photos!!!

When we arrived back in Brisbane, we stayed with friends who took us to the Science Works display at the Museum. It was awesome. This display of large chairs and table was to allow adults to feel like they were children again. It read that an adult is approx. 1.87 times larger than a child, so the chairs were 1.87 times larger than normal chairs (or something like that anyway!) It was pretty cool.
This was all done with mirrors - Harri and Ellie came around the corner and saw me like this (I thought they would freak) and promptly fell about laughing.
Waiting for a show all about making sounds louder and softer. Fascinating stuff.

This sign really amused me. It reads - Tenterfield Weather Rock. Forecast if rock is: dry-fine, wet-raining, white-snowing, swinging-windy, jumping-earthquake, gone-cyclone. (yeah, yeah, I know - I was very tired OK!) We stopped here for a lunch break - the park was so green and lush surrounded by Weeping Willows (my favourite tree).
Ellie and Harri with Nev's Mum "Muffy". Love this photo!

Lake (!!!!) Wendouree - completely dry - this is in the middle of Ballarat where Nev and I used to live. What a shocker! We used to go parking around this lake!

Mucking around on the world's biggest wooden playground - it was absolutely fantastic. We spent literally hours here. (I actually really like this photo - it is so rare for me to find one of myself that I can bear to look at - it is only half of me - that's what makes the difference!)


Saminda said...

I LOVE the photo of Ellie and Harri with Muffy, and agree that the one of you in the playground is gorgeous!!

So glad things are unfolding for you all..........yes, patience and handing ourselves over to God can bring about amazing things! Glad too that his plan is to keep you up here! Love you all, Min. xoxo

Copland said...

"We used to go parking around this lake!"

No, no, no!!!

*Ountred - to be so outraged that your face actually turns red.

"You seem a little annoyed?"

"Actually, I ountred!"

Theresa said...

I always thought you were a bit of a "Fruit Loop" now I have a picture to prove it. Looks like you had heaps of fun.

I am really a bag of mixed emotions now that you are staying in Hervey Bay - sad, Nev has a good job and will enjoy going to work - extremely happy, and not moving to Adelaide - very sad.

I am glad you trusted and waited on the Lord. His plans are always best for us. May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you and guide you throughout 2009.

My love and special blessings