Thursday, January 15, 2009

It makes perfect sense really..........

Harri's favourite books for a long time now has been the "I Spy" series. The pictures in these books are often just hundreds of little things all smooshed up together and the reader needs to find the things in the picture, listed at the bottom of the page. One of these pages listed "a stern octagon" as something that needed to be found. Well, it had me stumped - actually we were all a little bit stumped by it - until a day later or so, Nev said "a stop sign" and we all breathed a collective "aaaaahhh" of understanding. Anyway, ever since then, stop signs have been called 'stern octagons' in our house.
Harri was very quiet in the car the other day - mulling things over in his little head as he often does - when he piped up with "Mummy, I have a stern octacoin to spend at the shops today!" "Well that's fantastic Harri", I said thinking all the while "what the???" He gave me a very knowing look and said "you have no idea what I mean do you Mummy" (sprung bad). He then went on to inform me that he had a 50c piece which was the same shape as a stop sign and that it had a picture of a stern looking person on it (the Queen) so it must be a "stern octacoin".
How does he come up with these things???

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Karen said...

Road Trip would be fun, but how would the boys cope solo for 12 weeks? (yes, 3 months!). I would love the break, but would come home to a very cranky dad! There must be another way to get back into it, I'll keep researching it!