Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Laying down the law......

OK. So this is how it works. Are you guys paying attention. We have to set a few rules down here; we have to get a few things straight. (I mean what is there left if there are no rules. And I'd like to point out that I myself have been in deep denial about there being any kind of rules; have been happy that there doesn't seem to be any distinct boundaries).
But the time has come. I need to make some blogging rules. Rules WILL make all the difference. Without these rules I will actually feel like I have left you all behind and won't know all those vitally important, tiny details about your day, (like how you felt when the toaster stopped working etc)

There will of course be different rules for each person. So let's start with the absolute basics for Jen.......
  1. Actually start a blog.
  2. Write in it at least once a week.
  3. Post photos of the children and yourself and Mark.
  4. Post photos of you playing your violin.

No. That's it. There are no others. Pretty easy huh!

OK Saminda, your turn.......

  1. You will write about yourself (a lot) as well as the children.
  2. Include photos of yourself and Stu as well as the children.
  3. Read a good book at least once a month (with your feet up and a cup of tea in hand) and write all about it.
  4. Blog about what you are doing in your garden.

I'm sure there are many more, but that will do for a start.

Now Cathy.......

  1. Find your blog or
  2. Start a new blog
  3. Write in it more than once every three months.
  4. Post photos of you, Gary and the kids.
  5. Post photos of your fantastic scrapbooking achievements.

And now Karen.....

  1. Blog more than once in a blue moon.
  2. Blog about everything.
  3. Post photos of you - I want to see you continue to shrink before my eyes!
  4. Post photos of all of you together doing the mad Appleby thing.

I have also set rules for myself, but if you wish to add to these, please feel free.

  1. I will blog.
  2. I will blog about everywhere and everything.
  3. I will blog regularly.
  4. I will check other blogs regularly.
  5. I will hold in my heart (very, very deeply) all my loved and treasured bloggers (or is it bloggees - that just looks wrong doesn't it! - anyway, you know what I mean!).

Yay the blog. It is giving me some peace of mind that I will at least know some of what I will be missing desperately. I love you all so much.


Cathy said...

okay Helen! I will try (again) to return to this journal-world; and yes, to the goals to accomplish for next year...even though this entry made me smile, I still can't wipe the tears from inside (the ones that are so deep they feel searingly painful!) With so much love from one among many who didn't realise there would be a day so soon that you wouldn't be here:(

Saminda said...

Ok my friend, I will do as you have asked! :) You are such a treasure, and yes, thank goodness for blogs as they really do convey those little details you'd never even think to share in a phone call. :) Thanks for coming to see me today. Love you xo

Copland said...

Have you guys heard?!?!

Adelaide - its the new Maryborough!
Ha ha ha...