Monday, November 24, 2008

The sunset out my back window - I'm going to miss this!

After what seems like months (but is more likely years) of indecision and feeling a bit unsettled, we have reached the pivotal point - yep! We have decided what we are doing with ourselves. Last Sunday, we got down on our knees and through many tears asked God to be "clear enough so us idiots could understand" and through the course of this last week, little things have all led us to this one point. We are heading home to our families. (Just writing this makes me weep.)

We are leaving our beloved Maryborough and heading to the colder southland. We are leaving some of the best friends we have ever had in our lives; a lovely, caring church community and a supportive school community, into the great unknown. I can't begin to describe how massive this is for us. It's not the packing etc that I find so daunting, but the complete change in ourselves that this move will need to bring about. We have struggled with being away from our families at times, but at others we have given thanks that this distance has been between us. We have always been independent and adventurous, not wanting to be caught between other family members, and wanting to bring our children up our own way, and it is all of this that will need to do a 180 in our lives for this situation to work. And yet, I feel God's hand on it all! (He will have his work cut out for Him that's for sure!)

We had a special dinner with the children last night because even though we have talked about all of this in front of them, I wasn't sure that they grasped what it actually meant for them. So we lit the candles and after we had finished eating, we played the "what was the best/the worst thing about today and what do you give thanks to God for" game (thanks Applebys - love that game) which led beautifully into what we will be doing as a family. They were both really positive about it all - especially after I promised Ellie she could call me Miss. Pink when I am being her teacher (long story involving being unsure of new school and new friends and me saying things like "maybe your new school will have pink uniforms" and then collapsing in giggles as she rolled her eyes at me "oh mummy").

So, Nev will quit his job in a couple of weeks (this in itself is so massive - he has been unhappy for so long), I told the school today we won't be returning next year (we enrolled for DE today and will do that for the next 12 months or so) and both Nev and I are seriously considering going to Bible College with some kind of Chaplaincy thing in mind.

Wow - Selah!

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Saminda said...

Oh my Helen. I have wept many tears since hearing this news from you yesterday, and I know I will cry many many more. You are, and always will be, so very precious to me. You have been a dear sister to me through so many joyful and trying times in the last few years. I have felt a strong spiritual connection with you and KNOW that will continue despite distance. I will miss you more than I can say- actually, more than I can comprehend right now. I will definitely be coming to visit, so look out!

I pray pray pray that this will bring about the peace in your hearts that you have been craving and seeking. I pray that God's hand will be on you and Nev and the children as you travel and find a new home and new friends (yes, I'm crying now....), and new jobs. I love you. xo