Friday, November 28, 2008

Bargain hunting.......

Oh man, one of those "where's the camera" moments came and went last night, and unfortunately the camera was nowhere to be found. Typical! These moments come and go so quickly and as every blogger knows, you've got to grab them while you can.
We all went out to do some Christmas shopping after tea (I know - fancy us being out after 6pm!!!) as most of our presents need to be posted down south, and if we don't hurry up and do them now, we'll get stuck in the Christmas madness.
Anyway, we shouldn't have bothered because we were all on the other side of tired and cranky (except for Nev who was on the other side of tired and slightly mental).We moseyed our way around Big W finding a few things that were just right, but the wearies crept up and ate my brain and things quickly deteriorated. The kids and I had all had enough of the shops, the shoppers, the bright lights etc and wanted home to bed, whereas I think Nev could have quite happily kept on shopping (there was a slightly freaky look in his eyes and I couldn't decide whether he had been struck with shopping mania or he was so tired as to be delirious).
We dragged him out of Big W and on our way out to the car we passed by a jewellers with a sign out the front. Not paying any attention to anything except the mantra going round in my head "get to bed before you pass out", I kept right on walking, but Nev seemed to have stopped and was leaning against the sign with a huge grin on his face.
"Come on Nev, I'm dying here," I said, thinking that would get him moving in the general direction of home. He was still leaning on the sign grinning like a madman, and then I caught a glimpse of what the sign said:

Studs - $8.00

Without breaking stride I said "too expensive" and kept walking and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the jeweller in the shop just about collapse on the floor from laughing so hard. Poor Nev, I'm glad somebody appreciated him!

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jenb said...

What a classic!!!