Monday, September 8, 2008

Ode to friendship......

Where, oh where, would we be without our friends?!!!!! I for one, would be in a straight jacket, dribbling in the corner of some dank, grotty mental institution failing miserably at everything - including basket weaving. (Actually I can't weave a basket now so I'm already half way there!!!)
My friend Jen and I, have boys very close in age. They both have very strong personalities and over the past year or so, have butted heads on numerous occasions. But because our friendship is so important to us, (love ya Jen) we decided to put some plans into action and get our boys on the same team. With quite a bit of prayer and a lot of (short) play times, we are convinced they are getting better at learning how to be friends.
My daughter seems to attract friends like a magnet. She is always smiling and thinks everything is "absolutely beautiful". I was telling Jen this morning that Ellie rides her bike, like she lives her life. Kind of wobbly, pointed in the general direction of straight ahead, and always, always stopping to see the butterflies and pretty flowers along the way. Watching her with her friends is a great joy to me.
Another of my wonderful friends, Saminda (yes...THE Saminda from Ferns by the fireside) who I treasure beyond words for the beauty she brings to my life, shared with me recently about what her mother said about Saminda's friendships. She was amazed at the strength of the friendships, and the way we all share our hearts in such an open, honest way. She called it "unique" and something to cherish. She also added how wonderful for our children to grow up seeing and being a part of these friendships. It is one of my prayers that my children will be blessed throughout their lives with good friends.
God knows just what we need and he knows I need all the help I can get to keep me on the straight and narrow. And that's one of the nicest things about my friends - they always point me towards Jesus - whatever the issue or problem, they know that He is the answer. All of my friends are vastly different from each other, and each brings their own unique facet into my life and I love them all. Very much! Thanks for putting up with me guys!

A good friend is someone who will bail you out when you are in jail, but a close friend will be in the cell next door saying "man that was fun, let's do it again!"

Seriously though, I do thank God for showing me how much he loves me by blessing my life with my beautiful friends.

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Theresa said...

Oh wow, you have joined the land of the blog. I would like to welcome you but you never listed me as a friend, so I am not so sure now! Yawn:)