Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fit, fantastic and 40 (well nearly...)

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I am nearly 40 (I know, I know nearly 38 is not nearly 40 but it's not too jolly far away! What do you mean touchy?!) Anyway, I have this vision in my head of myself at 40 - and by no stretch of the imagination does it resemble how I look at nearly 38. Hmmmm......I need to do something about this gap (or maybe ginormous canyon is a better word) between my reality and my fantasy! But where does one start?
All around me, people are getter fitter by the minute (yay Karen you rock) and I'm hoping to get caught up in the momentum of it all. Reading Karen's Diary of a Shrinking Woman is totally inspiring and makes me realise the changes I need to make are a little bit more than just walking around the lake every day (it's not a bad start - but I think I need to do more).
The scary thing is, it all sounds like a lot of hard work (I don't like pain - I walked around the lake the other day in socks because my blisters were hurting - stupid new runners) and the other thing I'm not good at, is finishing what I've started. I need to find some self discipline, some commitment, some stick-ability, some determination, some gumption, some rock solid concentration on how this will benefit me in the years to come.
Oh look......some chocolate.

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Karen said...

You know you need to come to the gym Helen. There is pain to be found there for sure, but if you want it, you have to earn it babe! I am totally amazed at how quickly our bodies adapt when we take it to the next level. I'm here for you and would love to see you become the 40 year old you want to be (even ahead of schedule). I think maybe you need to do some weight training, so when you do lose the weight, you won't be flabby and fourty. You definitely have the determination Helen... who else would walk around Ululah in the dark ready to ninja kick any unsavoury types?