Saturday, September 13, 2008

But I want my frappe' now.........

Our quiet, sleepy little town has been inundated this weekend. It is the annual Technology Challenge and it brings hundreds of competitors and spectators from all over the country (well some interstate people anyway). The weekend includes a 24 hour human powered vehicle race, solar powered vehicle displays and races, C02 dragsters and robotic displays. Entrants must be high school age and I'm sure there are huge benefits to them as they are encouraged to "think out of the box" and be all scientific about things.
To house all of these displays and races, one of the main streets in town is closed and barricades are put up. There is music, lights, action and a certain festive air around the place. Children are allowed out after bedtime and there just seems to be people everywhere. Accommodation is booked out way in advance, shops and other businesses rub their hands together for the extra dollars it must bring in, and people keep saying "how good it is for tourism" and the town in general.
Well, that may be true, but when I went to Maccas yesterday, I had to wait simply ages for my order. And that just won't do. Good thing it's only once a year. Hang on, that's how often I go to Maccas. There's a plot here somewhere....

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Theresa said...

Well, there is just one solution to your little wait... you will have to simply go again and order the same and see how long it takes.

Maybe Helen you could do a time study on Maccas and hand them a report of the times you had to wait!

You never know there might just be a free frappe for all your trouble.