Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The fine art of wagging....

Traditions are important in family life. Traditions are something that may have been passed down from generation to generation or something that you begin within your own family. Christmas immediately comes to my mind - you know, the whole thing - cutesy family with handmade decorations for a REAL Christmas tree (none of these purple, pine scented, built in fibre optic branch tips, singing, coffee making numbers for me) a fire glowing in the background, mother and daughter in matching aprons etc.....
Well, I began a tradition in my own family today. I taught my daughter to wag school! (Actually, I lie, my sister and I are champion waggers. We have a long list of wagging accreditation's after our names. So really, I'm just carrying on a tradition.)
When I use the term "wagging" today, I am using it very loosely. Back in my day, it was something you did in a kind of sneaky way. Sarah and I would get dressed in our uniforms, pinch a potato out of the pantry (that's a whole other blog) and pretend to go off to school, when in actual fact we would end up somewhere completely different. We would come home as if we had spent the day at school and Mum and Dad were none the wiser.
But today, Ellie had a bit of a sniffle and I just fancied having her at home with me. I said "hey Ellie, wanna wag?" She looked at me with such a gorgeous face and said "like on the Wiggles Mummy? - but you said we couldn't have a dog in a rental house - Harri, Harri, guess what? -we're getting a dog - can we go to the pound now Mum?" (all this without taking a breath).
By the time I explained to her what I was talking about (and lots of wagging stories about me and Aunty Sarah) and the fact that we really can't have a dog in a rental house, we were all exhausted and too late for school anyway.
So we had the day off. Went to the park for a picnic, read heaps of stories, watched a movie, did some drawing and coloring, a bit of shopping for accessories and a game of back yard cricket. We had a great day and that's a tradition I'm going to continue!


Copland said...

What a great tradition!

In a few years Ellie will be wagging school all on her own, and then she'll be able to wag uni classes...

Hang on, what am I saying?!?

As if she'll be able to get into uni, with all the holes in her education thanks to all those days wagging with you.

"A, B, C, D... umm, I missed the rest of the alphabet, I was wagging. But watch me climb a tree!"

Karen said...

Hope you're on for a walk tommorrow...or are you wagging that too?
Oh, and
What's with the potato?