Friday, November 13, 2015

This is getting Ridikkulus.....

Admittedly, the children and I have been reading/watching the Harry Potter series. And the dog does seem to be scratching a little more than normal and could use a dose of flea treatment.

But why, oh why, have these two things come together in my dreams last night???

So picture the scene. The good side and the bad side are frantically locked in mortal combat. There are spells cracking colourfully all over the place. It is mainly dark, though an even darker forest can be seen hazily in the background.

The view is from up above, and you can see that the fight is concentrated around two figures in the exact centre of the fight. (Somehow, you just know that this is Harry and Voldemort.)  The fighting seems to get more intense until one of the figures falls to the ground and disappears.

There is a cry of delight, and many other small figures seem to just disappear. The one remaining central figure, conjures up a broomstick and flies up very close to the camera screen. It is Harry Potter, and he looks very sincerely into the camera and says:

"We fight on the Frontline for freedom and there will never be a better product to use on your dog against fleas".

Hmmmmm. I wonder if I should contact JK Rowling and bring this advertising campaign to her attention. I mean, she could make millions............

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