Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Professor Harri - ready to enlighten all the men of the world.

Down through the ages, women have always been considered somewhat of an enigma.

Ask any man.

Girls all over the world go to school at an early age to learn how to keep this mysterious persona alive; "keeping men bamboozled 101" is an actual course outlined in the "handbook of life for women."

A recent dinner table discussion showed that this training has paid off, and that the men in my life, indeed have NO IDEA about women AT ALL!!! (Sorry - was I shouting in disbelief?)

Having let my leg hair get decidedly out of hand over our long, depressingly sad winter, and with the sudden appearance of something called the "sun", I purchased a bottle of Nair - in shower hair remover.

Ellie and I both tried it once hesitatingly - I mean the stuff smells like paint stripper and I was worried that hair wasn't the only thing it would remove from my legs - but decided that it would take at least a couple of times for it to produce the desired effect.

Fresh from the shower, Ellie arrived at the dinner table, pink-skinned and grinning, rolling up the leg of her pyjama pants.
"It worked Mum. Finally. Look - I'm hair free"

I felt her excitement  - I had applied liberally, but I still remained in a forlornly patchy state.

Harri gave her a vaguely "whatever" look and Ellie sighed.

"You really have no idea how difficult it is to be a girl Harri. It's hard, hard work. Boys just don't understand", she said with a sad, yet oddly proud glint in her eye.

"How do you know that Dad and I don't have a secret club where we get together and cry about stuff", exclaimed a delighted Harri.

And so it appears that Harri at least, has conquered and mastered the wild beast called woman. his dreams.

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