Sunday, June 3, 2012

In South Australia, there is an ad on TV promoting quick-drying gap filler and paint.

The ad is based around a situation where a couple are getting ready to go out for dinner - but the wife keeps wanting to change her outfit, shoes or earrings.

Every time she heads off for a change, the husband fixes a gap, paints the wall etc etc.

So anyway, Ellie and Harri were outside playing (I was trying to catch up on blogging but got waylaid by facebook/cup of tea/squirrel) when the front door bursts open and Ellie yells out "just hang on I've got to change my outfit".

Following close on her tail, Harri kicks the door shut, leans against it, rolls his eyes and says "I might as well go paint a wall then"......................


jenb said...

Hilarious Harry!!!

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