Monday, May 28, 2012

A busy weekend...

Getting back to a simple life, is harder than you think.

There is so much stuff to cram into 24 hours - sigh. Guess I'll just have to give up housework!!!

Anyway, Nev and the kids and a few other homeschoolers from down here, went up to the big smoke to see "The Art of the Brick" - a Lego exhibition by Nathan Sawaya.

Hugely enthusiastic about anything Lego, Nev and Harri could hardly contain themselves. Ellie was a bit "meh" but she loves adventure and was up for it. I couldn't go thanks to work, but consoled myself with a never ending pot of tea and the movie "The Help".

From what I can gather, it was completely awesome! (I love living close to a capital city and having access to so many amazing things!) Check these pics out........

On Saturday afternoon, the kids began their own exhibition, using chalk on our front steps and retaining walls. There was a bit of a discussion regarding placing a sign in the front garden with "Art exhibition - $5 a look" but they talked themselves into generously sharing their talent with the world for free (bahahahahaha - such humble artists!!!!) 

On Sunday we decided to again tackle the 1600kms of the Heysen Trail. Previously we managed to tame a mere 8kms of this wild and wonderful bush walk, and this time we added another 7.5kms to the tally. Slowly but surely we are getting there......

Continuing our study of China and it's cuisine, we cooked egg rolls for dinner. Harri hated them - he has never been fond of egg in any form - but we all loved them and can't wait to do them again. Harri has promised to persevere with trying new food, for as he said - "I can't go to China if I'm going to starve to death" and as we are planning on going sometime (long term plan) he does need to get used to the food.

So ends one week, and another begins.

I'm going to try and keep this next one simple............


jenb said...

Awesome lego adventure. Something Manoah, Malachi and Mark would also love. There are advantages to being close to capitals. Thanks for the photos, will show them when they get home from school and work.

Queen of the Natives said...

WOW!!! My boys would LOVE that lego exhibition! I would love it too! How clever those structures are and what an incredible supply of unlimited lego :D The homeschooling community is still very... meh... as Ellie may express, so I'm jealous that you're hanging and organising trips together ;)And what a gorgeous place you live in too. It's cool hearing about your homeschooling 'travels' too.
JM:) xo

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