Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The life of Helen....

So I finally wandered back into the world of blogging.

For a while I skirted the edges, wondering whether to stick a toe in and test the waters, or to just let it all go and never look back. But, as they say, once a blogger always a blogger.......

(Actually, they don't say that at all, I just made it up, but it sounds good - and it fits in with what I'm writing so I'm gonna use it......)

So I was trolling around (I never use the term "stalking" - bahahahahaha) checking out other people's blogs and I discovered some very exciting news from a very dear, old friend. I left a couple of comments (I didn't leave two on purpose - it just turns out that after this long away, I'd forgotten how it all works!) and she commented back that she checks mine every now and again, and that just got me thinking......

Life goes by so quickly. It changes and develops - sometimes in ways you wouldn't have imagined.

For me, my life and all that it entails, is too precious to be left to just my memory (being what it is - ie: what day is this????) and these things, however small and inconsequential, will be forgotten if not recorded in some way.

My youngest, Harri, who is fiercely protective of all of us and probably the funniest person I know (and my main source of blogging posts), has stopped saying "please don't blog that Mum" because he has noticed that I haven't been blogging.

And being a Mum that loves to torment her children, I can't let those wasted opportunities go!

And lets face it - I am a big fan of anything that is free.

So life, and the recording of it, the opportunity to torture my children, plus a free blog - winning combination eh!!!

And of course there is that whole bit about emotional outlet, the love of writing, blah, blah etc.....

So probably my biggest news is that we are homeschooling again. YAY!!!!!!!!

About midway through last year, I realised that we had managed to get off track in our lives. When we left QLD (sob, sob - I still miss you) we said we both wanted to find part time work, homeschool, buy a farm, run our own business at some stage, and basically live the dream life.

Before I knew it, I was working too much, Nev was studying (in order to begin our own business) and our two beautiful children were at school, and we were living in a little brick box that we all hated.

But these days, I am working just enough to keep the rent paid, Nev has finished studying and our little business You Studio is going really well - not well enough for me to quit work yet - and the kids are home with us.

All the time.

(I forgot about that part!!)

Anyway, that's an attempt at catching up on the last few months. I shall try to be a better blogger from now on..............


Queen of the Natives said...

Wonderful to see you back Helen :D You do write so well too and what a winning opportunity really, harassing the kiddies :P. Were you serious about the memory lapse? I must confess that is totally me and definitely part of why blogging is so great, all those lovely memories and photos stuck together - like easy, peasy, free scrap-booking. I know you meant to leave one message but I loved both so I wanted to keep them both :D! I'm so glad to hear you're back, blogging and homeschooling. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up too and no pressure or anything, but definitely the giggle factor in your writing as well.

Love to you Helen and your family.
It's not just Queensland that misses you either ;).

jenb said...

Hi again, so good to hear the little things about your life. Love your posts and looking forward to whatever and whenever you want to write. Love you Helen, and Nev, Ellie and Harri too of course.

Saminda said...

Me too. To all of that. :)