Monday, March 5, 2012

Pet therapy for the emotionally drained.....

Having read all the Dr. Dog series to my childen, I was quite prepared for the day when Spikey took a good, long look at us and pronounced us "rather ill and in need of assistance"........

The heat that has evaded us all summer long, finally decided to come out in force this weekend.

Trying to avoid the heat, Nev and I were out catching a slight breeze on the back verandah, having a cuppa and talking over the past week.

The past week.


Where do I start?

To start with,  Harri seemed to  have a temper tantrum that lasted for the entire week.

Work seemed to go on and on into infinity and beyond and I am just plain old tired of it all.....

Nev is doing nightfill at Woolies and I feel like we hardly ever see each other any more - sigh.

Ellie and Harri are not happy at school and I am thinking about home schooling again.

We  need to move house and quite frankly the idea of packing boxes leaves me feeling quite ill.

We were pondering all of these life changing, mind numbing events, not knowing how or in what order to start dealing with them,  when the dog - who was also lolling about - sat up suddenly, looked straight at us, farted noisily and settled back down to sleep.

Nev and I looked at each other and then fell about laughing.

"So astute" I gasped.

"What a take on life" Nev managed between strangling giggles.

Somehow everything looked a lot brighter after that.......

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