Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time flies (and apparently so do pigs).........

I cannot (repeat: CANNOT!!!!) believe that April is here.

What has happened to the first term of school, my last month on probation at Woolies and the first month of Nev's business studies??

It was only last month that I was busy shivering and muttering "coldest March in 20 years!"

I must have been so busy being miserable that I failed to notice the beginning of April.

The constant greyness (official meteorological term used in Victor Harbor) began to get me down.

I couldn't be bothered with my morning beach walk, let alone getting out of my PJ's or getting breakfast.

Every morning with bated breath, I rolled up the blinds expectant of some light through my bedroom window and the warmth to radiate into my small world.

And every morning I was bitterly mocked by a grey and empty sky.

This went on for a bit, and after a while, even I gave up on the "holding my breath" part.

Just kind of staggered out of bed with the doona wrapped around my head, halfheartedly rolling up the blind, muttering "surprise, surprise" at the lack of sunshine and collapsed back into bed.

And then yesterday - the same old desperate routine.

But riddle me this - the sun was there to greet me.

It was a peachy 29 degrees, and everything looked beautiful.

I wanted to cavort and frolic.

I wanted to be a small child running through a pile of leaves and squealing with delight.

I breezed through my morning and was generous to a fault with my good mood, to everyone I met.

Except the old dear who came through my check-out with her 300 tins of cat food, newspaper and cheese slices (who makes up these combinations???) and said "it won't last lovey - it'll be freezing again tomorrow".

Pshaw - as if.

I mean come on - the sun is out, Bambi and a whole contingent of butterflies are on my back lawn, every flower has it's face wide open to the sky and even the neighbours dog was howling the hallelujah chorus when I skipped down the driveway to work.

There's no way the weather can change so alarmingly or so quickly.

"Tomorrow will be beautiful too" - I say in a sort of whining, "in denial" kind of voice - pitifully adding "it just has to be".


I write this, huddling over the keyboard, hot water bottle on my lap, beanie on my head, wiping my frozen breath from the screen so I can see what I'm writing, all the while listening to the clatter of hooves on my roof as the pigs take off  heading north for the winter..........

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naughtynanna said...

bahahahahaha.....sucked thought it was always sunny in adelaide.....but you're in Victor!!