Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apart from the joy of being able to stand up while peeing (and for that matter - pee just about anywhere), men have quite a lot going for them.

I often tell Nev that I wouldn't mind being a man (especially him cause the lucky blighter's married to me!!!) as generally they don't seem to struggle with a lot of the stuff that we women have to combat - emotions, hormones, looking like a circus tent in a frock etc.

And they have a mind that leans towards the logical, and practical.

I mean, how on earth did Nev turn this.......

into this.......

A fantastic storage unit for stuff in Harri's room.

I wouldn't have the first clue.

I suppose I could learn, but then what would be the use of keeping him?

Heh heh - love ya babe!


Theresa said...

They are awesome. Love them. I want one! Please Nev could you make me a set, pretty please (beg, beg)

Queen of the Natives said...

Nev is too cool :) They look like the ikea ones but you know, only a gazillion times better ;)

Bloke brains are astonishing but it just doesn't beat being a chickie!