Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In the beginning there was nervousness, a little bit of clinginess and a few tears.

And there was evening and there was morning - the first day.

On the second day there was less nerves, more confidence and the carrying of one's own backpack.

And there was evening and there was morning - the second day.

On the third day there was strict instruction:

"We'll be right Mum, you can meet us at the gate this avo!"

And there was morning and much hilarity amongst the parents.


jenb said...

That was quick, hope they really settle in and make some good friends.

Theresa said...

These are the days of the olde school yard! You just need to forget the things you did at their age and pray that they do no copy you! Glad to hear they have settled in well. Was just thinking of them today!

Queen of the Natives said...

:) Beautiful Helen, but never obsolete. I'm so thankful for the h/s journey and I wonder if you feel the same way I do, that you'll never look at the kids going off to school again as a place in which we become obsolete. I realize now that I'm part of their team, back-up and support when things educational wise get a little tough. I thought that I could before h/s but now I know I can and I've learnt how. Very, very glad that your kiddo's have transitioned so well and are Happy :D! Hooray for Ellie and Harry!!!