Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toast; it can kill ya.......

We are all down with the flu.

I hate being sick!

No-one is sleeping and we are all just a little fed up, short in the tolerance department, grumpy and frankly, fairly pathetic.

Little things are enough to send you over the deep end. Like breakfast. Yep - when you feel like this and something goes wrong at breakfast time, it's nearly enough to kill you.

Picture sad, over-tired, nose running, coughing Harri, who is merely trying to eat his toast, when disaster strikes.

"I just bit my tongue. (toast gets chucked rather vehemently at plate) This is just the worst day of my life!"



Library girl said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Summer flu is the worst!

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hmmm......all sick..not good! Give those precious children a cuddle from their Aunty!

What can I say to cheer you up???? could be worse...could be like me going into hospital on Christmas eve!!

and the worst is yet to come..!!!!

OH NOOOOOOO NOT being able to eat Muffys roast for Christmas Lunch....mmmmm all those roast potatos that will go begging!!!

....well I knew that would at least cheer Nev up...he is not the only one that will miss out this year!!!

Love to you all and hope you are ALL feeling better soon...

(and Nev I CAN hear you laughing to yourself!!)

Saminda said...

Oh no, not the flu!! :( So sorry my friend. :( Hugs and prayers (and most likely a phone-call ;)) coming your way! xoxo

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