Monday, October 19, 2009


So yesterday, I turned 39. I didn't want a fuss. I didn't want a cake. I just wanted to turn older, quietly.
(I did get quietly spolied. I don't mind that bit!!)

I have to admit that I may have faked some of the "yay, I'm having a good birthday" bonhomie. I may have to admit to being too caught up in the fact of getting older, wider and wrinklier.

(Yeah, I know. I thought I was a being a bit of a prat too!!)

Some time later, sitting on the verandah with Nev, he told me a story about a man that he had met that day. The man - not much older than Nev - came into the shop to pick up a print of his wife. His wife, who had tragically died two weeks ago in a car accident.

With tears in his eyes, my husband said to me, "I feel so fortunate that you and I are able to experience life together. All of it. Even the getting older part".

Aaah Nev. I love you. Thanks for putting some perspective in my life!!!

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Theresa said...

And that's way you married him.

Happy Birthday Olde Girl, have another glass of wine and think of me:)