Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'll get by with a little help from my friends......

We have had such a lovely morning! Getting back into some kind of routine after a week or so of sickness (actually Monday mornings always seem to be a bit of a struggle) seemed like such a daunting task - until the phone rang. One of my very favourite families - the children aged 22, 19 and 17 all suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - asked if they could come and spend some time with us. They are all home school graduates, and absolutely beautiful people. They adore children and have known mine since they were just wee dots.

The youngest daughter Christine, has a heart for homeschooling and all that it entails. Having loved her own experiences, she wants to spread the word about the many benefits. She longs for her own family to home school, but until then she wants to get alongside home schooling families in a supportive role. She is so wonderful with each of my children - able to get their attention and interest in a variety of things and such an encouragement to me!!

Amidst much excitement, Christine arrived with what I call her "Mary Poppins bag" - you are never quite sure what she will pull out of it. This time it was gyro spheres - the box even promised to reveal the secret of space travel!! (Really??!!) Alas no, but they were fun anyway - wrapping the string very tightly around the top, pulling the string off quickly and then letting them do their thing - spin extremely quickly whilst balancing on a tiny point.

A beautiful morning tea and some stories on the sunny verandah, and copious silly drawing games turned the day into one of our nicest this term!!

Hmmmm .....hope she can come back tomorrow.

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Saminda said...

I love Christine!!! She is such a special girl. Glad you have had such a nice morning. :) xo