Monday, June 8, 2009

The three amigos (and what they have to do with whaling)......

What a great film!! Seriously! Makes me snigger just thinking about the many laughs to be had from this particular piece of film history. I mean, come on....the amigo salute, the mail plane, the burning bush, the invisible swordsman, kissing on the verandah, Blue Shadows on the Trail....I could go on. But I won't. It's actually not the post I am meaning to write.

But one of the main themes of this film is injustice. And I have to say, there has been a very harsh injustice done to our family this weekend!!!! Especially if you ask Ellie and Harri. They have been extremely hurt and may not continue with their careers on TV! What career, you ask? Exactly!!!

On Saturday, as part of National Whale Day, a protest rally (ooh aren't we getting all hippie and radical) was organised down at the Urangan Pier. A group photo of people making a whale tail with their hands was to be taken, and people were asked to come along and join in the protest.
We had been looking at whales and the whaling industry for our special research project last week, and Ellie and Harri had been horrified by it all. "How can we stop it Mummy," asked a shocked Harri - hence we joined the protest.

Well, the scene was of quite a large crowd (not quite as many as they were hoping for) placed in front of anti-whaling banners hung from the pier. The TV cameras were rolling and we made our whale tails and smiled obligingly. The kids were fairly excited to be there and were convinced that our little effort would "stop the bad guys from hurting our beautiful whales", and to top it all off, they were going to be on TV!! We checked the news that night - nothing! Sunday night - nothing. Monday night - (two bug eyed children saying "it has to be tonight") - and it was!

But they weren't in it!!! Such sad little faces. Almost made me cry.

As I put Harri to bed later, he said "I guess they'll keep right on whaling without us".

Well, I guess they will Harri - but maybe, just maybe it will make some small difference. If not, we'll send the three amigos. For wherever there is injustice, they'll be there.....

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JM said...

As an adult I know that feeling!!!! How disappointing when it happens to the small people in our world!

Keep on with the crusading, hurrah :)