Thursday, June 18, 2009

This afternoon, Ellie had a chat on the phone with two of her favourite friends, and listening to her one-sided conversation was hilarious. It reminded me of something from a Monty Python skit - full of absolute ridiculousness. I can't remember exactly what the conversation was about (something to do with a sleepover), but there was a great deal of giggling involved.

At one point, Ellie was just giggling so hard that she had a little "fluff" which made her laugh even harder. I think the plot of the whole conversation was well and truly lost by this time, as not long after Ellie came to me all dreamily, put her head on my arm and said, "Oh Mummy, I love a good chat with the girls!"

Amen to that, I reckon.

Sometimes, the only thing that gets us girls through a bad day is having a chat with a good friend. Someone else who can make sense of all the hormonal ups and downs, the emotional upheavals, the mothering joys and traumas, the "I really can't be bothered cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, ironing etc blahs", and someone who understands when you confess to eating the entire packet of Tim Tams (testify sister!!!).

Well, tonight I shall be downing a glass of very nice wine as a toast to all my wonderful friends - and praying that Ellie is lucky enough to hold onto her friends and be just as big a joy to them as they are to her.


jenb said...

Friends are what gets us through, and I'm glad to count you as my friend. Love you.

Saminda said...

Love you my sister!
Min xo

Narelle said...

Anytime that you want a Tim Tam eating friend, I will be available. And a hot chocolate too! Mmmm sounds like a chocolate overload - it's been too long since I had me one of those!!!!! They are carb free aren't they?????


Helen said...

Look out blogging world - Narelle is on the loose!!! So glad to see you here girlfriend!!! Looking forward to YOUR blog!!! Anytime for the Tim Tams!!

Cathy said...

Thanks for being that friend to me just at exactly the right time and bringing a smile to my face on the "blah" days - pregnancy IS exciting but getting very weary lately; however, set-up is nearly ready and THAT feels so good! Looking forward to showing you!

I also share the prayer for good friends for our daughters!

Theresa said...

Oh I wish Ellie all the best in her friends adventure.
I have many friends (if you can believe it) but my besty has been with me for over 25 years. She knows me better than I know myself.
We started a ritual of eating hot potato scollops with fresh white bread, lavished with butter (the real stuff) and tomato sauce and drinking the biggest glasses of coke when we had our 'let's just hang' girlie days. An although we currently live in different states... if I sit down and eat this kind of meal, I feel as though she is with me.
Friends until the end!