Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What you do, when you aren't home schooling.......

This week has been a bit of a non-starter in terms of home schooling. We are all a bit sick with the flu, or some such similar bug that gives you the fevers, aches, headaches, cough and runny nose (and I was only just saying the other day that since we are at home so much more we have missed out on all the lurgies - that will teach me eh!) and quite frankly, I can't be bothered. There is enough to do just getting my poor, old weary body out of bed, without having to contemplate nouns, verbs and the rest of it.

So we have watched far too many movies, read just about every book we own and had a few more goes at face painting. I can't get over how much Ellie and Harri enjoy being painted. The fact that they love it so much, makes me really enjoy doing it. My reportoire (such as it was) has been vastly extended due to their enthusiasm, and I find myself wondering about stage makeup???

One of the books we have been looking at this week, is one of those D&K books on the body. We were discussing the systems of the body when Harri pipes up with this little gem....
"Mummy, I know what happens when you eat and then you don't have any more room in your tummy". Trying not to laugh and keep my 'fascinated look' on my face, I said "Oh yes Harri, what happens". "Well, it's a little bit like our domino train Mum, where you put dominoes in one end until you can't fit any more in and then the train shoots them out the other end. Just like us, you put food in one end and poo comes out the other". Needless to say, I fell about laughing, what with the image of all of us being like some little domino train and the deadly serious look on Harri's little face. Aaaah, sweet little mysteries of life.......


Copland said...

Well, well. So the old home schooling isn't all its cracked up to be huh?

Well, at least you made it through the first few weeks. Well done I say!

Sorry to hear that you're all sick, hope its not swine flu. If you start to crave bacon and pork chops, and then sneeze while you eat it get to a doctor quick!

*Swishire: noun, someone who is a dreamer, who has their head in the clouds. As in, "She was a bit of a "swishire" to believe in home schooling.

Saminda said...

Hey there you,
I do hope you're feeling much much better now! Hoping to see you tonight!
Oh, and YES to the stage make-up - wow you're one talented lady. :) Should have had you doing Stuart's face for Wizard of Oz!

JM said...

Hey Helen

Seriously cracked me up!!! I nearly always make Mr E come and read your funnies, they are just so great ... and this one ha ha, I knew it was coming, so funny. I have a request though, Blog more. I looovvee the laugh.

and THANKYOU for clueing me in on how to make blogger PRETTY and PINK (*sigh* my favourites)