Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The perfect man......

When we shop for a birthday present for one of Ellie or Harri's friends - we often default to the idea that Harri can pick the boy present and Ellie can pick the girl present. (Does this mean I'm raising my children with some kind of sexist ideology?? - I'm not sure) Anyway we had to pick up a little present for a four year old girl recently and on the way to the shops the conversation in the back of the car, went something like this........
Ellie: "What do you think we should buy Harri?"
Harri: "Well you know she would like anything"
Ellie: "Something really girly and pink" - Ellie always buys with the idea that girly and pink is best!
Harri: "But she plays with boys in the mud too" - Harri definitely admires this quality in a girl!
Ellie: "Maybe a sticker book or some hair ties?"
Harri: "I think I should choose the present Ellie" - I can only imagine Harri rolling his eyes at Ellie.
Ellie: "I always buy the girl present Harri"
Harri: "I know what girls want you know. I do live with two of them!"
Harri was determined to have a go at choosing the present, and when we got to the shops he put on his serious face and walked up and down the aisles until he got to the jewellery section. He picked up a little necklace and bracelet set and said with a very satisfied smirk, "jewellery is always good for a girl dontcha know!"
Well said, my son!!!! I hope one day you will find the perfect wife who will play in the mud with you and that you can buy jewellery for.


Theresa said...

Oh I hope Copland #2 is a girl. I want her to marry Harri! He is being well trained by his mother and knows what a girl wants, what more could a mother-in-law want.

Tamra said...

I'm with Ellie, I always think girly and pink when picking out gifts for other little girls. However, for two of my girls' birthdays they've been given gifts I would've immediately thought BOY (cricket set and Lego) and they LOVE them. Maybe I should let Josh start picking out girl gifts. =)

Harri obviously is a very observant boy. Very cute!