Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a weekend!

Harri's birthday was brilliant! He had a great day (how could you not when you are turning 5!!). He loved everything from the cake - which Nev decorated (yay Nev!)

to his Sportacus costume from Ellie. More than anything, he loved his party and being able to share all the fun with his friends.
A big thankyou from Harri to all for coming and for the lovely presents! He looked at me with big eyes after opening them all and said "boy I've really been spoilt haven't I Mum".

We also put up our Christmas tree - we wait until after Harri's birthday - and even though it is only a small tree, it makes everything look very festive. The kids love doing it and this year they have managed to spread things out a bit instead of having all the decorations clumped into one spot. They were quite pleased with the results....

We also gave the children their Christmas present - a trampoline - early as we are only here for another 5 weeks and we wanted them to get some use out of it before it all had to be packed up and put away. They were absolutely beside themselves and could not wait to get on it. Nev and I slaved in the heat to get it up for them to a constant chorus of "can we get on yet?", "now can we get on?", "when can we get on?", "I want to get on now!", "are we ever allowed on?"
When they did finally get on, Harri was incredibly restrained and so I said to him "show us your tricks Harri!". "You are not allowed to do somersaults on the trampoline Mummy," he said all matter of fact. "Who told you that Harri?", I asked. "I read it on the no-no's Mum", he said.
You gotta love it.

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