Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like chalk and cheese......

My baby boy is turning five tomorrow! Yep! Five! All of the fingers on one hand! (Count them yourself. Check it out. Cool huh!) I, of course, am in deep denial. I can't be that old! (Of course, it is all about me!) But five?! How on earth did I let him grow up so quickly??! Man, it seems like just yesterday he arrived in the world, all 9lb8oz of him. What a day that was!!
So today, as I have been wrapping presents and reflecting on the life (so far) of our little man, I am amazed at the differences between him and his big sister. (other than the whole girl/boy thing obviously!) It's amazing what God does with one genetic pool - He can create complete new ones again and again. Amazing eh!!!!

For instance: Harri starts his day with a whoop - you can almost hear him think, "What can I get into before everyone else gets up?" Ellie drags herself out of bed, adorably rubbing her eyes and looks for the nearest part of me or Nev that she can lean against and get a few more seconds sleep. Harri is hungry and needs his morning Milo now! Ellie doesn't really get hungry until she can small the toast. (Toast is a whole other story!) Harri likes his toast slightly brown and hot with melted butter and promite, Ellie likes her toast black, cold and with lashings of vegemite.
Ellie eats her fruit and vegies really well, but prefers to drink cordial. Harri struggles with most foods that are good for him, but prefers to drink water.
Harri just goes and goes all day long whereas Ellie seems to have a period in the middle of the day where automatic pilot is switched on. Harri shuts down completely at about 7:01pm and starts asking for bed, where Ellie will just talk to you until you put her to bed and even then keeps right on going.

And then there's the personality differences!!! Ellie is so loving and so caring - it makes me weep to think how much she loves to reach out to others and wants to love them so very much. She is often off with the fairies, but to her, the world really is beautiful and she is thrilled to be in it and enjoys just about everything, especially if it is pink. She is more likely to be found inside drawing, reading etc.

Harri is quick to feel everything and often feels things very deeply. And lets everyone know it. He explores everything and makes his own very definite decisions. He is very loving and is often the one who hugs the longest. He is very sporty and prefers to be running around madly.

They are both so different, and I cannot imagine my life without either one of them. I am thankful, so very thankful that I am their mother. (If somebody else was, I think I'd have to "off her" and keep them as my own.)

Happy fifth birthday my boy!!! I love you. Mumsy.


Copland said...

Happy birthday Harri!

That was a cool post Helen. OK, now do you and Nev...

Saminda said...

Happy 5th birthday Harri! Hope you're having a fantastical day today! :)