Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Youth is wasted on the young...totally!

I know I have raved quite a bit recently about getting older, but today I fully realised the truth of it. It is affecting my mental state. I am thinking old! This is something new - something I am actually not prepared for. In the past I've joked about getting a catheter for my next birthday, pureeing all my meals and eating at 4.30 in the afternoon, but it has always been in a fairly flippant frame of mind. Today though, I had my first seriously OLD thought.

I was taking Ellie to school and coming down the road towards me was a beautiful, hot red Ford Mustang. Mmmm - really nice car. And then I saw the driver - white beard, glasses and bowling club hat. And this is the scarey part......I thought "good for him, why should all the younguns have all the fun!"

Apart from the fact that I actually used the word "younguns" (I mean, what the......), I would normally have thought something along the lines of "great car, totally wasted on him, he should be in a mobility scooter" or something just as horrid.

So what is going on with me? Have I actually been affecting my own thought processes with all my whingeing and carrying on about getting old. Is there a switch somewhere in my head that has been flicked from "young thoughts" to "old thoughts". Where is it? I want to flick it back again.

Sweet little mystery of life eh. Oh well, there's just enough time to have a nanna nap before I crochet a darling little coathanger cover and iron my nightie.

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