Friday, November 14, 2008

We seem to be at a crossroad in our lives right now. There are many directions in which we could go - which sometimes makes it that little bit scarier than when there is one obvious direction - doesn't it??!! If things were really clear cut, the whole difficult decision-making process would be so much easier - I think?! See - I'm so unsure of what we are doing that I can't even think straight - which when you look at it, isn't a great frame of mind to be in when you need to make important decisions in your life. (I think I need to take a holiday from myself!)

Half way through this year, we sold our little house and moved into a rental home. Apart from needing a break from renovating, we decided to rent because we weren't really sure which direction we should be heading with our lives. We are up here in QLD but all our family is down south, and though sometimes this can be a good thing, at other times I miss everyone a lot. So with the sale of our house, and the fact that Nev really doesn't like his job here, it left us open to move back down south to be with family. On the down side of that, we would be leaving wonderful friends who are more like family, a wonderful lifestyle (yay QLD weather!!) a fabulous church and a wonderful school for our children.

Anyway, we moved into our rental home, not really knowing what to do, and not long after we decided we really, really like the place - it is only one block from a huge park, lake and walking track and the house itself is big, open and lovely with a huge backyard and lovely shaded front yard. It is also only half a block away from wonderful friends. What more could we want!

Well, this morning the diggers arrived. Yep, our huge backyard is being turned into a building site for another house and all our lawn area will soon disappear. Seriously - the carport for the new house is only one metre away from our back steps!!! We knew of these plans when we moved into the house, but in our naivety we thought that they would be a long way off.

So our lease on this house, runs out right when the new house will be finished and put up for sale which opens up a whole other can of worms. What kind of neighbours will we get? Will they be night people and have lots of parties? Will they have kids? Will they stand out the front of the house in their bad taste shirts and yell swear words at the top of their lungs? Do we even sign another lease on the house or do we:-
  • buy another house here
  • buy a business here
  • move back home to be with family and look for home/business/work down there
  • sell everything and go travelling
  • get new ID's and flee the country completely
  • hibernate

See what I mean! None of these options would be the wrong one, but which one would be the right one? This is one of those times, I wish God would just send me a very specific letter - "Helen, this is what I want you to do". Whatever decision we end up making, we want to be sure that God is in it with us! Well, I guess I'll keep you posted.


JM said...

oh man Helen! I really feel your anxiousness. I would approach it by first eating and probably sharing with M a (couple of) block of chocolate (so long as he smiles pretty : ) and after I felt a little better we would physically wright a pros and cons list and visit and revisit these for a few weeks or more (we NEVER make decisions in a hurry), cross you fingers, pray (a lot), and keep your mind wide open to opportunity. I'm horrified by this development on your home front, the council should NOT be allowing this disgusting consumption of property!!! I hope you find peace for the future in the form of happy resolution for your family soon : )

Theresa said...

Hey you could always move here.
We will have another little one that will need some "Time with Aunty Helen Care". I am sure Nate and Harri would get up to some trouble now.
So are you up for it?!?

Copland said...

Helen (and Nev),

Even though you didn't actually ask for advice in your post, I could sense that deep down you really wanted me to give you some, so here goes...

I know I might rock some worlds a bit here, but I don't think God really minds where we live, or what we do for a living. As Christians we believe that "Man’s chief end is to glorify God,and to enjoy him forever..." Beyond that, I believe, our lives are our own. God doesn't mind if you live in your rental place in Maryborough, or a house in SA, or in an igloo on the ice floes of the outer Artic circle. As long as we love God with all we are (and I know you both do) He promises to be with us wherever we go. In fact there is nowhere we can go without Him - but that's an discussion for another day.

So, make your choice, and trust that whatever it is, God will be there ahead of you.

Hope you guys are all doing well. Catch up soon.

jenb said...

Just to let u know that u just cannot leave, and in case you missed that I will repeat myself, you simply cannot move more that twenty minutes away, i think i could manage a twenty minute drive to visit, so whatever u do decide to do, i'm here to help however i can. just don't leave here please!!!!


Saminda said...

Oh Helen, I'm so sorry this has happened to you guys. We were all hopeful the developments would start next year sometime.... or not at all! All these double developments everywhere are depressing. It's a shame they're allowed to happen at all.

God HAS got your family in His hands, don't get despondent, keep on trusting, keep your hearts and minds clear and open, keep loving each other and looking to Him for his continued provision. He cares so much for you Helen, and just wants you to be at peace, and close to Him.
I love you too, and hope this is a better week for you. :) MIn. xxoo